Create and Sing Carmen – Royal Opera House

Create and Sing Carmen – Royal Opera House

A schools-based dramatic singing programme

Create and Sing Carmen launched nationally in 2017.  The programme was developed by the Royal Opera House with an artistic team comprising Hazel Gould (director), Pete Letanka (composer) and Suzi Zumpe (vocal expert).


The project is for children in primary schools and the short films, recordings and lesson plans provide teachers with all the resources needed to create their own class performance inspired by the music and story of Bizet’s opera, Carmen.


The project is module-based, enabling schools to choose their level of engagement.  Options range from a two lesson taster, to an immersive 10 lesson plan including ten weekly films, lesson plans, specially arranged material and backing tracks.


Further resources can be found on the Royal Opera House website and are available at no charge.