executive learning

executive learning

Suzi is Director of Mondegreen Leadership Ltd, offering bespoke workshops in executive learning and development environments.


Having a solid understanding of a concept is not sufficient to lead to meaningful change. There is a gap between understanding and action; a disconnect between knowing and doing. With Mondegreen Leadership, participants practice new skills instead of falling into the trap of thinking that by hearing about them, these skills are already acquired. Every delegate has skin in the game and will:

  • Experience how it feels to be part of a safe, innovative team willing to ‘act’ in the face of uncertainty
  • See first hand how positive leadership and feedback works in a high pressure / performance led environment
  • Close the gap between learning, watching and doing
  • Go away with practical tools for building engagement, psychological safety, curiosity and with a bias for action in their own team interactions.

Our immersive sessions provide the ‘Aha’ moment for delegates to gain insight into psychological safety, experimentation, and curiosity in an embodied way.


Central to our sessions is learning and performing a specially arranged extract from an opera – in harmony – complete with staging – in just a couple of hours. Creating our own arrangements of operatic repertoire enables us to tailor each session according to the needs of our host organisation.


At Mondegreen Leadership, we create the atmosphere. We create a unique space that people enjoy being in. More than a team building event, our sessions provide the anchor for a wider executive learning programme, helping new ideas and concepts to land in an embodied way. Yes, everyone leaves with a song in their heart and a spring in their step, but, crucially, they also leave carrying a positive emotional connection to a wealth of learning points


We regularly work in association with leading business schools and other partner organisations, and are also proud to offer stand-alone sessions, providing expert consultancy support as needed. Our approach is flexible, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that what we offer aligns precisely with their objectives.  Companies with whom we work include London Business SchoolHSBCUnilever and The Academy of High Performance Teams.


Please get in touch to find out more:  suzi@mondegreenleadership.co.uk